Roof Inspections

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Caring for and maintaining the roof is an important home maintenance task. The roof protects the structure of the home, as well as its contents and occupants. If problems are left unchecked with a roof, it can lead to structural damage, as well as mold and mildew growth. As the problems grow, the expense can grow too. Homeowners can avoid this by having regular inspections performed and keeping an eye out for problems themselves.

Denver roofing professionals discourage homeowners from performing their own inspections on the roof. The reason for this is two fold. Accessing a roof can be dangerous, and a homeowner’s lack of expertise might cause them to miss problems an experienced roofer could spot. Most homeowners are not used to climbing on steep roofs and can easily fall. On roof inspections should be left to the professionals, therefore.

While it is never recommended that a homeowner get on their own roof, there are several points of inspection they can safely make from the interior of their home and on the ground. Homeowners can watch for brown or yellow ceiling stains on the surfaces of interior walls. These stains indicate that the integrity of the roof has been compromised in at least one area. If a homeowner notices these stains, no matter how small, he or she should contact a roofing professional.

Homeowners can also get in their attic space and check for any dripping or any moisture with the insulation or the rafters. Moisture in this area also indicates problems with the roof and warrants a call to a roofer sooner rather than later. Since water infiltration is the main cause of structural damage in a home, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for these signs.

From the exterior of the home, homeowners can use binoculars to assess the condition of the roof. They should be looking for any shingles that have been uplifted, displaced or are missing. They can also look at the condition of the granules on their shingles to see if they are balding. During the normal course of coming and going from their home, homeowners can look for any shingles on the ground and also granules in the downspouts. These are all signs of roof aging or wear and tear and should be reported to the homeowner’s roofing contractor as soon as possible. The sooner the problems are diagnosed and fixed, the less damage will be caused and the less expense a homeowner will incur.

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