Roof Maintenance Tips Each Season

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There are a number of different roofing materials that are used on both residential and commercial properties to protect the buildings from various weather conditions throughout the year. Those who want to reduce the number of repairs that are needed throughout the year need to maintain their structures in each season by taking preventative steps. To increase the lifespan of your structure, there are a few steps you can follow each season with the help of a Littleton roofing professional.

The spring season is the time to schedule a roofing inspection to spot areas where damage may have occurred during the winter. A roofer will look for damage that may have occurred to the chimneys, vents, gutters, fascia, and flashing. The gutters and downspouts should be checked for debris that may have become lodged. Some roofing materials may be present in the rain gutters, which could indicate that the shingles or tiles need to be replaced. Stains may have also developed due to algae, which can affect the appearance of the roof. Lightly wash off the roofing materials with a water and bleach solution to remove the residue before it becomes permanent.

The summer season is often when the roof suffers from damage due to high outdoor temperatures and more sun exposure. Insulate the attic with proper ventilation to reduce damage that can occur to asphalt shingles and prevent drafts with cool air loss. Installing fans or vents will also help circulate cool air. To prevent animals from having access to the roof, tree branches should also be cut if they’re close to the building.

Homeowners can maintain their roofs during the fall season by cleaning out rain gutters. In the fall, excess leaves or tree branches can accumulate on the property. The gutters may need to have the brackets tightened or the sections rejoined to ensure that they’re also secure.

The winter season requires the most attention and work due to harsher weather conditions. Install ice melt socks in the rain gutters to ensure that snow melts and doesn’t refreeze. Roof rakes may need to be used to remove snow that piles on top of the home to prevent ice dams from forming. Leaks will also need to be repaired ahead of time to prevent excessive water damage inside of the attic and home, which can lead to mold. Circulate cool air in the attic to allow snow on the roof to melt at a steady rate.

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