Roof Renovation

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A home’s curb appeal is the snapshot of how a home looks to others when viewed from the road. Curb appeal should be very important to a homeowner, especially when trying to sell a home or assessing the home’s value. Therefore, when a homeowner is considering a renovation project on a home, replacing the roof is often worth upgrading both because of aesthetics and it’s potential to increase the curb appeal.

First, a homeowner should contact a professional to check out all of the roofing options that are available and of reasonable cost in the area, as some types of roofs are often against local fire codes, like wood shingles. Talking to a Denver roofing professional will give the homeowner a clearer picture on the types of roofing materials used on that style of home.

Considering the styles of roofs available would be the next thing to do. While all styles of new roofs will increase the value of the house for a period of time, some materials are better than others when it comes to longevity and appearance. A homeowner will want to purchase a material that will complement the rest of the home and not be overly expensive. For instance, having asphalt shingles on a roof is expected while living in the suburbs in a beautiful home.

A homeowner could purchase high end shingles with 3D texture to bring up the value of the home with a roofing replacement. What a homeowner should not do is buy the most expensive ceramic tile because they will never get the value of the expensive tile back out of the house upon selling. However, if they have a home that is worth the value of an expensive roof, then that is a good quality option.

Being diligent when finding a contractor is another key factor for a homeowner. It’s important to check multiple roofers out, make sure they have their insurances up to date and get a written estimate from them. Protecting a home from negligence or accidents while getting what was paid for will ensure a safe and promising roofing process.

A homeowner creates a winning situation when home value is added with a more interesting curb appeal. The homeowner has a new roof that will last a long time before having worry about it again. Plus, buyers will get a great first impression when the house goes on the market. Getting a new roof is a worthwhile renovation project.

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