Roof Replacement Signs

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Barring a natural disaster or weather event that seriously damages it, most homeowners don’t give much thought to replacing a home’s roof. If they know what to look for, however, there are some signs that a replacement roof will be necessary in the coming years or sometimes, in the immediate future. Even the finest roof coverings installed in the most professional way only last two or three decades at most, so if the roof’s age is approaching this figure, it would be smart to start budgeting for this expense and to consider calling a reputable Denver roofing company for a roof inspection and consultation.

One clue that should never be ignored is a curved roofline. Often caused by the weight of ice and snow, it means the roof deck is in bad shape; it’s not necessarily a signal of an imminent roof collapse, but it should be seen to by a professional sooner rather than later. Other symptoms merely point to potential trouble and indicate that at the very least repairs are needed or that a roof is actually coming to the end of its lifespan.

A telltale sign on asphalt shingle roofs is the presence of a significant amount of sand-like granules in gutters or on the ground below the roofline. This occurs because the shingles are losing their covering. Although it’s normal over time, once they do so in larger quantities, it’s really time to consider replacing them. The same goes for curled and cupped shingles, since these can no longer adequately protect the home from rain and moisture.

Interior ceiling leaks can be due to failed flashing or something that is similarly easy to fix, but they can also indicate more serious issues. Bubbling or peeling paint on the roof or on the house’s exterior near the roofline often means water is getting through the roof covering and seeping into the walls. If there are streaks of daylight visible in the attic, the roof boards are punctured, rotted or in otherwise poor condition. Wood shake shingles are prone to damage from termites and other wood loving pests; if there’s been a serious infestation, the shingles may need to be replaced.

Sometimes a roof’s unappealing appearance is a sign that a new one is necessary. Should the homeowner want to sell, replacing a roof that is unsightly or has had patch jobs with shingles that didn’t quite match in color will make the house more attractive to buyers.

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