Improving Roof Ventilation and Attic Insulation

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Homeowners who are seeking ways to improve the comfort, energy efficiency and eco friendliness of their home should consider making improvements in their roof ventilation systems and attic insulation levels. These often have a great deal of impact on the interior temperature and climate control of the home. Denver roofing professionals find that improvements in these areas are likely to lead to the increased comfort and efficiency homeowners want.

The installation of roof ventilation allows excessive hot air to be drawn out of the attic in the summer to keep the space cooler. In turn, this reduces the work the home’s cooling system must do. This improves home energy efficiency without sacrificing indoor comfort, and most homeowners can save on energy bills during the summer months. These benefits can be further enhanced with the installation of a solar powered system instead of the traditional vent and fan system that is wired into the power grid.

Another addition to the attic that helps with airflow is an attic or whole house fan. This helps move warm air out of the enclosed space of the attic and allows for greater home cooling efficiency.

This is great for a home where much of the roofing surface is south facing, dark colored or otherwise highly heat absorbent.

For year round comfort, adding additional high quality attic insulation is another possibility. The best kinds to add are either sprayed or blown in cellulose insulation due to their superior ability to fill small spaces around rafters and other difficult to insulate spaces. Many roofing companies offer these services, which tend to be very cost effective.

If these two types are not preferred options, then traditional fiberglass rolls, or batts, is another possible choice for added attic insulation. The primary drawbacks to this type of insulation include its permeability to air and its inability to fit in tight spaces. Nevertheless, fiberglass insulation still offers an improved level of protection from the elements and increased energy efficiency and comfort.

Having ventilation or insulation installed also provides homeowners with another opportunity. This is an excellent time to have the roof inspected for structural integrity and soundness and to repair damage or plug air leaks into the attic space. Having the roof inspected provides additional peace of mind and can save money on costly repairs in the long run by catching any problems early in their development. In addition, plugging leaks will result in additional energy efficiency for the home.

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