Roofing Certification Meanings and Definitions

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When advertising their credentials, many Littleton roofing contractors list the professional organizations to which they belong. While you do want a roofer who belongs to and is accepted by organizations relevant to his work, a list of a roofer’s affiliations can look like a jumble of random letters when you’re not familiar with them. While it would be impossible to list every roofing organization and what they do, here is an overview of some of the common ones.

One of the most popular designations you will see roofers advertise is the GAF Master Elite certification. GAF started making roofing materials in 1886 and has since grown into the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in the United States. In order to be certified as a Master Elite roofer by the company, a roofer must prove to the company that he is properly licensed and adequately insured. He must also provide references stating that he has an excellent reputation and agree to participate in ongoing roofing education. As a result of this commitment, GAF extends the warranties given to Master Elite contractors, who are then able to share that protection with you. This certification is one you should always look for.

Some roofers are also members of the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA). Also formed in 1886, the NRCA is a community of roofers, architects, engineers and others who deal in any facet of roofing. NRCA members are given access to ongoing education as new roofing products and methods are developed. Members must pledge to uphold certain ethical business practices and standards, such as dealing with customers honestly and keeping their job sites clean.

Haag Certified Roof Inspector is another designation you may see roofing contractors advertise, and it’s an important one to look for when dealing with hail damage and other insurance-related roof repairs. Haag is an organization that specializes in roof inspections and teaches contractors how to perform them properly and thoroughly. This certification is a respected one in both the roofing and insurance industries, so working with a contractor who lists themselves as being an HCRI is an excellent choice when you’ll be making an insurance claim for your roof repair.

Like GAF, CertainTeed is a large shingle and roofing material manufacturer in the United States. The company offers training to contractors so they will know which practices are best used when working with CertainTeed shingles. To receive the Certainteed Master Shingle Applicator designation, contractors must undergo training from CertainTeed and then pass a test. This designation helps protect you and the contractor by ensuring you get the most out of the warranty on your CertainTeed shingles.

There are, of course, many other roofing organizations and certifications available to contractors. If you’re not sure what a certification really means, ask the contractor to explain it to you or do an internet search and learn for yourself. Some affiliations carry more clout than others, so never hesitate to take these credentials into account when comparing roofers.

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