Roofing Decisions To Avoid

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Installing, repairing, or replacing a roof are all big projects that require careful consideration. Because roofs are so important to the safety, function and comfort of a home, wrong decisions can have serious consequences in the future. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a roofing contractor based on cost alone. Companies that offer their services at significantly lower prices typically cut corners in terms of workmanship and quality.

Another mistake many homeowners make is deciding to perform a repair or installation themselves. Small repairs may seem like simple tasks, but there are several reasons to avoid “do it yourself” projects. First, roofing work can be very dangerous. Without the right equipment or training, accidents are more likely to occur. Roofing materials can also be very complicated. Someone without the right experience can cause serious damage without even realizing it, and many “do it yourself” projects can void the warranty of the roof. Most projects should be left to the skills of a trained Denver roofing professional.

Purchasing materials independently may also appear to be an attractive choice, but is almost always a mistake.

While a homeowner may think they’ll be able to find the best deals on shingles, underlayment and other materials themselves, they will not have access to the same bulk discounts that roofing companies do. Reliable contractors will ensure a project gets the right quantities of materials.

While many roofing products on the market advertise certain benefits, some can actually cause more damage over time than they prevent. For example, rain diverters that are improperly installed may force water up into shingles rather than away from them, causing expensive water damage. Flush mounted skylights also have problems with water damage, since their flanges are not designed to withstand pooling water. This can be a major concern during a heavy rainstorm or when snow is melting quickly.

The most costly decision involved in roofing projects can come from failing to hire the right contractor. An unreliable contractor can cost homeowners time and money when they fail to do the job properly, or they can cost homeowners in the long term. Shoddy workmanship typically takes between three to six months to become apparent. Unfortunately, whether or not a contractor is reliable is not always clear. Word of mouth between friends and family is one of the best ways to determine dependability, and other solid references are valuable as well. Homeowners should always beware of contractors who offer rates that seem too good to be true.

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