Safety On The Roof

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A leaking roof is never a good sign to a homeowner. It can be a symptom of a large problem, or it could be the sign that a shingle needs to be replaced or has gone missing. No matter the size of the leak, it should be inspected to find the root of the problem. Homeowners should only attempt to find the problem themselves if they can do so safely as well as if they feel they have the knowledge and experience to do so correctly. If a homeowner needs to determine what the problem is before a Denver roofing professional can get there, here are several safety tips to follow.

Many homeowners are alarmed to find a leak or see missing shingles. They are often anxious and want to act quickly to diagnose and fix the problem. Going about this job the wrong way and doing it hastily can potentially put the homeowner in the hospital and create more roofing problems.

Homeowners should avoid scaling a roof when there is moisture present whether it be ice, snow or simply water.

All of these elements will make a roof more slippery and pose more of a risk to anyone who is on the roof although some homeowners mistakenly believe that shingle granules will provide enough traction. In addition, the roof should be avoided if lightning is present in the area.

Being on a sloped roof can cause a homeowner to be off balance. It puts the body in positions that are not natural and can be uncomfortable. This makes getting on the roof and staying up there hazardous. When a homeowner is ready to get on the roof, they should always let someone know and have someone nearby, whether it be someone else living in the home or a neighbor. This way someone can be aware of what is going on and can assist in the event of an accident. Homeowners should wear shoes with rubber soles that have excellent traction, or even roof boots, and consider using a harness to protect them in the event that they should slip. Comfortable clothing should also be worn by the homeowner to allow them to move around easily.

Homeowners should focus on their immediate surroundings and the task at hand when up on the roof. Getting distracted by what people on the ground are doing or an interesting view can jeopardize the homeowner’s safety while on the roof.

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