Save Money On A New Roof

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Homeowners who are in the market for a new roof are often surprised by the high cost. It takes special skills to get the job right the first time, and installing a roofing system can be a dangerous process. While homeowners are encouraged to let the professionals handle this kind of work, there are still ways to save on the process. For people in Denver roofing can be made more affordable with just a little extra effort.

A good rule of thumb with any project is to get several estimates. In general, people can disregard the lowest price because those contractors may not be using the same quality materials as other roofers are. Likewise, most people may also ignore the highest quote because they’re trying to save money. The trick is to look for a company that uses premium materials, has skilled roofers on staff and still offers an attractive estimate.

The next step is to keep an eye out for coupons and special deals. The classified section may have some deals listed, and contractors will often list this information directly on the website. Be aware that most deals will require some flexibility with the timing because contractors will offer them during their slowest periods.

Late winter is a great time to save on roofing products because contractors typically do not have much business at this time.

It’s also possible that the homeowner’s insurance company will cover at least part of the cost. If there have been any hailstorms in recent years, then the roof may have incurred damage that’s covered under the policy. Speak with an agent about this possibility to learn more about filing a claim.

A roofer’s estimate is directly related to the amount of labor a job will require. Minimizing the roof penetrations can help homeowners save money, therefore. One option is to have the static vents closed off in favor of a single ridge vent.

Finally, be careful about the materials that are chosen for the roof. Some shingles simply cost more than others, and it may be possible to find a brand that’s offering rebates. However, homeowners should listen to their contractors when it comes to selecting shingles. Saving money on the purchase is only wise if it is a quality product that will withstand weathering elements and last for years to come.

Rather than resigning themselves to the high cost of a new roof, homeowners are encouraged to get creative to save a little money. Adjusting the timing and looking for coupons make it easy to save on a roof, and homeowners can also make changes to the ventilation design or materials to bring the costs down a little more.

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