Selecting A Roofing Company

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A roof replacement is one of the most expensive projects a homeowner will invest in. Although most homeowners will only have to take on such a task once or twice in their lifetime, it is still very important to hire a qualified Denver roofing professional for the job. However, when a homeowner has had a few companies come out to give them estimates, it can be difficult to decide which companies’ services to choose. These factors may help a homeowner make the final decision.

The homeowner should find out how long a company has been in business. This will give them a good idea as to how much experience they have and how good their understanding of roofing systems and business practices are. Homeowners will want to ask for an estimate, in addition to making sure the company has a business phone number, a tax identification number and confirming if they are licensed and bonded.

Copies of the company’s liability insurance should also be requested. Professional roofers should always have copies of their insurance certificates and workers compensation papers on hand, just as drivers must carry proof of insurance with them. Liability insurance and workers compensation coverage are both important for any contractor working in or on a home, as it protects the homeowner and the contractor, should any injuries or damages to the home occur on the job.

If the company is not licensed, then the homeowner will be liable for any damages that occur during the job.

The homeowner should also be provided with a written estimate. The estimate should clearly state what is included, when the work will begin and the estimate time frame for project completion. It should also state when and how payments will be made. Homeowners should be wary of any roofing contractor that is insistent that the work be paid in full up front. Typically, not more than 25 percent is requested as a deposit prior to the work commencing. The estimate should also discuss the warranty and what factors could possibly void the warranty.

It is also important that a homeowner remember that price is not always a reliable indicator of which contractor to choose. Although price can be a significant factor when selecting a roofer, a homeowner should also feel comfortable and confident in the roofing company they select. If price is a sticking point, homeowners can also inquire about any available discounts or rebates.

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