Selecting A Shingle Color

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Many homeowners are surprised to learn that they can, not only choose the material of their roofing shingles, but also that they can choose the color. Choosing the color of a shingle is an important decision for a homeowner to make. It is more important than most people realize. Depending on the home, about 40 percent of a home’s visual exterior is the roof.

Selecting the wrong color can actually decrease the resale value of the home, as well as its curb appeal. Here are a few tips from Denver roofing professionals that homeowners need to consider when selecting a color for their roofing materials.

Although some homeowners may be attracted to bold, bright, or unusual colors, the majority of buyers are not. If the homeowner will be selling their home within the next couple of years after a new roof installation, it is best to go with a more neutral color, such as a brown or a gray hue. Many real estate brokers have seen a potential buyer who loved the interior of a home but was so turned off by a roof color that they passed up putting an offer on the house. Homeowners should stay neutral to increase the selling potential of a home.

As with other areas in the home, it is best that homeowners not try to exactly match the color of the roof to other areas of the exterior, such as shutters, doors, paint, or siding.

Homeowners should be careful as matching too perfectly will create a boring and monotone color scheme, which can also be a turn off to potential buyers. There should be some variance in colors between the roof and other areas and the colors should complement each other.

Before deciding on a shingle color, the homeowner should obtain samples and view them at different times of the day next to the paint color of the home, the brick, and the shutters. The samples will look different at various times of the day due to different lighting. This factor should be weighted when a homeowner decides on a color for their shingles.

If the rest of an exterior of a home is busy with multiple colors, the homeowner should choose a toned down shingle color. Too many colors or patterns can be difficult on the eye, and yet another turn off to a potential home buyer. On the other hand, if the paint and other colors on the home are toned down, the homeowner may want to choose something with a little more color or pattern when selecting a shingle color.

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