Selecting The Right Roof

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Many homeowners are faced with the decision of which type of roofing material to install when their roof needs to be replaced. The type of roofing material that is used will determine the lifespan of the structure and the cost to build it. To ensure that homeowners find the right fit for their property, there are a few factors to consider with the help of a Parker roofing professional.

One of the first steps to take when reroofing a residential property is to determine the budget of the project. This will influence the materials that can be used on the home. The most expensive types of roofs are clay tiles, slate and metal. Asphalt shingles are considered the most affordable option and have an average price tag of $120 to $140 per square.

The climate is another factor that should be considered because the roofing material can either thrive or suffer in certain environments. Property owners who live in warm climates should consider installing clay tiles, slate or metal materials to reflect more sunlight and insulate the home. This can reduce the cost of energy on the property and will help to maintain a cooler environment. Homes that experience colder weather throughout the year will benefit more from a metal roof, which sheds snow and water easily and can prevent ice dams from forming.

Steel and aluminum roofs are highly wind resistant and are extremely durable in different weather conditions.

Homeowners also need to consider the lifespan of the roof that they want to install, which will determine when it needs to be replaced in the future. Those who are planning on living on their property for a large part of their future may want to avoid replacing the structure in 25 years. Others who are planning on relocating can benefit from a wood shake roof or an asphalt shingle roof because it will increase the value of the home and doesn’t require as much of an investment.

The type of material that is installed on a building will also determine the appearance of the home with added curb appeal. Look at the surrounding architecture and use shingles or tiles that can contribute to the design of the building. Many of the tiles or shingles used are available in a variety of color shades to ensure that they blend in well with the surrounding property on a roof that has the homeowner’s personalized touch.

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