Solar Roofs

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Budget conscious homeowners are always seeking ways to save money and improve on their investment in their homes. One great way to do this is to install a solar shingle roofing system. Solar shingles play a dual role; they provide protection for the elements as any roof does, but they also capture and save energy that can be used to power the home. A certified Denver roofing contractor can advise interested homeowners on the feasibility of using solar as a roofing product on their home.

Often when people think of solar power, they envision large and unwieldy panels set out in a large array on the roof top or grounds of the home. Solar shingles, however, lay flush on the roof and are the same shape and size as a regular asphalt shingles. They are virtually indistinguishable from a typical roof, and they come in a variety of colors so that the home’s aesthetic can be maintained.

It is not usually necessary to cover the entire roof with solar shingles in order to get a good return on the initial investment.

In fact, property owners can predetermine the percentage that they would like to save on their electric bill and the roofing installer can calculate the amount of coverage they will need to achieve the desired goal.

Because solar cells within the shingles are usually connected directly into a home’s grid, they won’t provide power in an outage. However, on sunny days when excess power is captured, that electricity can be sold back to the power company. Often, this is given to the homeowner in the form of a credit on the monthly bill, but this varies by area. The local power company can provide savings information specific to the home’s locale.

Solar shingles are a greater initial investment than many other types of roofing systems, but they pay for themselves over a fairly short period of time. There are a number of tax credits available at both the federal and state level that help offset the initial cost as well. To capitalize on the savings, trees or other overhanging foliage should be removed and the shingles should be mounted on a south facing roof slope.

Energy efficient and environmentally friendly products like solar shingles are a great way for property owners to increase the value of their home while saving themselves money each month as well. The offset costs will even out over time.

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