Steps For Choosing A Roofing Contractor

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Homeowners who are ready to replace their roofs should be ready to do some homework. Due diligence is required before hiring a Denver roofing professional to do work on a home. This includes many steps to ensure both the contractor and the homeowner are protected. Here are the steps homeowners should be prepared to take before hiring a roofing contractor.

Homeowners should ask around for referrals for reliable roofers in their area. They can ask neighbors, co-workers, friends, or family. A referral should include why that person would recommend that particular roofing company, what they liked about their work, if any issues arose during or after the roof replacement, and if so, how they were handled.

In addition, roofing contractors should be happy and willing to provide a list of references from past work they have done. Homeowners should take the time to call several of the references to ask questions. If a roofing contractor refuses to provide references or seems offended that the homeowner asked, this can be a potential red flag.

A quality roofer who does reliable work should be willing to prove it by allowing the homeowner to speak with previous clients to get a feel for the work they do.

Insurance is another important piece of the research homeowners should do prior to hiring a roofing company. The homeowner should ask to see the insurance certificate and even take it a step further by calling the insurance company to validate the policy and that it is up to date. If there are any accidents that occur during the installation or repair of the homeowner’s roof, this insurance will protect all parties.

In most areas, a permit is required by the local government to replace or work on the roof of a home. The homeowner should check with the roofer to make sure they will pull the proper permits for the area and what the cost will be for getting them. Getting the permits should also be factored into any time schedule that is discussed between the contractor and the homeowner.

Both the homeowner and the roofing contractor should have clear expectations of how the process will work before beginning a roofing project. A timeline should be agreed upon by both parties, allowing for any weather delays or unexpected issues. Both parties should also agree on when and how payments will be made and how any issues or disagreements will be handled.

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