Summer Can Damage The Roof

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When it comes to roof maintenance and repair, homeowners often focus on the damage done during the harsh winter months. Cold, wet weather and undiscovered leaks can injure a house’s siding, windows, gutters and roof, especially when accompanied by fierce winds and hail. The summer, however, brings an abundance of heat and humidity that can also compromise a roof.

If the damage goes unnoticed until the roof starts leaking, repairs will be more costly than if the problem was caught early on and corrected by a Parker roofing expert. For that reason, roofing specialists recommend that homeowners have their roofs inspected twice a year. Setting up an appointment with a professional to check out the gutters and shingles before winter arrives will give the homeowner time to correct any damage the sun might have caused. This is particularly important if there isn’t adequate ventilation in the attic.

During warm summer months, the steady exposure from the sun can affect a roof’s integrity. The sun’s UV radiation throughout the day dries out the oils in the shingles and accelerates the breakdown of even high quality coatings like Spanish tile.

While a competent roofer can easily replace the coating, hot air building up inside the attic from nonexistent or partial ventilation will only further complicate the problem.

With nowhere to go, hot air will become trapped underneath the roof’s deck, adversely affecting the shingles. Asphalt shingles are particularly susceptible to cracking and blistering when they get too hot, and even metal and tile roofs will eventually deteriorate in areas that get a lot of sunshine. Moisture inside the shingles do not have a way of evaporating. The trapped dampness will cause the shingles to warp and bubble.

If the bubbles pop, the roof can lose an excessive amount of asphalt granules, clogging the gutters and leaving the shingles unprotected from the sun’s UV rays. Weakened shingles are more prone to decay, but the excess moisture also makes them more susceptible to mold. In addition, clogged gutters can put the home’s foundation in danger as well as the roof.

A visual inspection from the ground isn’t always adequate to determine the amount of damage the roof has incurred from the sun. Solar exposure and shingle damage must be examined up close. It’s better to have a professional climb up onto the roof and take a look and to inspect the attic for needed repairs. A roofing specialist can explain to the homeowner what needs to be done to improve the attic’s ventilation.

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