Tear Off Versus Reroofing

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When the time comes for a new roof, most homeowners find that there are a multitude of decisions to be made. Of course, choosing the best roofing material will certainly be one of those decisions. Deciding among stylistic options, such as asphalt shingles or a high end roofing material, such as Spanish tile, for instance, often comes down to the architectural style of the home as well as the homeowner’s budget.

Sometimes, homeowners find that a limited budget also limits their roofing choices. Fortunately, when a new roof is necessary, but the budget is tight, it might be possible to simply reroof. While this option can help save money, at least for the present, it is not without its problems. Homeowners who are considering reroofing should make sure that they are aware of all the benefits as well as the disadvantages that come with reroofing.

Many Parker roofing contractors will limit their reroofing services to homes that already have a solid roof. The current shingles must not be curled or excessively damaged and the roof deck will need to be in good condition. It’s important for homeowners to keep in mind that reroofing means there is no opportunity to inspect the roof deck. Hidden damage might simply be covered over.

An important element to consider when reroofing is the fact that this type of installation can significantly decrease the life span of even the very best roofing shingles.

A quality roof installation relies on a solid surface that allows the new shingles to lie flat. Of course, when reroofing, the new shingles must be installed over the old shingles, providing a satisfactory installation. However, this type of installation is certainly less than ideal. Not only are the new shingles installed on an uneven surface, but the double layer of shingles can also lead to trapped heat, causing the new shingles to deteriorate much faster than shingles installed on a clean, flat roof deck.

Another factor to consider when reroofing is the fact that this type of installation is often selected due to its potential to reduce the cost of a new roof. After all, when reroofing, the expense of tearing off the old roofing materials will be eliminated. However, this tear off will need to be taken care of the next time a new roof is needed.

Reroofing offers homeowners a good option when they need a new roof immediately and when they lack the financial resources to pay for a complete tear off. Sometimes, just the savings that ensue from removing old shingles will be enough to make a new roof affordable.

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