Tips For Finding A Roofing Contractor

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Homeowners searching for a Denver roofing contractor would be wise to consider asking a few questions before making a final decision on which company they want to use.

One of the first questions an owner should ask is how long the company has been specializing in roofing. Experience does make a difference, and it’s largely going to be true that companies with more years of experience with roofing systems are going to know more about what they’re doing.

It’s also important to check to see if the business has a phone number and a listed address. Companies that don’t have this are likely going to be less reputable since there’s no one to complain to when something goes wrong.

If the company has good standing with the Better Business Bureau, this is also a positive sign. Homeowners can call the BBB in their area to check on a particular company, but this information is also usually available online. In particular, it’s possible to ask or read about complaints that the roofing company has received over the years.

Online, the company receives a letter grade to show how well they have dealt with these complaints. By going with a company that’s received an “A ” or close to it, homeowners will ensure the quality of the roofing company they choose.

Requesting to see copies of the company’s liability insurance can also aid homeowners in feeling confident that the roofing company will be able to handle any accidents that may occur to or on their roof.

Always avoid paying full price upfront if possible. This will reduce the chances of ending up with a company that’s not honest. It’s common for companies to request some deposit upfront, but this typically shouldn’t be more than a quarter of the full asking price for the job.

Another indicator of high quality in a roofing company is if they are willing to offer a roofing warranty. This indicates that the company is confident enough in their work to be willing to come back and fix anything that doesn’t meet the agreed upon standards after the fact. Once the job is finished, it’s important to get a copy of the warranty statement in case the terms of the warranty need to be enforced at a later date.

If possible, a homeowner should also always shop around and get multiple quotes for the roofing work they need done prior to settling on a particular company.

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