Top Reasons To Improve Attic Ventilation

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When outside temperatures rise, the attic can trap heat and moisture. Not only can this cause damage to the roofing shingles, but the outside hot air can seep into the living space and cost the homeowner in cooling bills. Because an adequate ventilation system is so important for keeping the roof temperatures under control, those who do not believe their attic is properly venting hot air should contact their local Denver roofing contractor.

If the attic becomes hot enough, the shingle adhesive can actually melt. In fact, many warranties can be voided if the home does not have an adequate venting system. This means that if the shingles sustain heat damage and need to be replaced before the end of their estimated lifespan, the manufacturer may decline to provide replacement shingles.

Another reason to ensure that the attic is properly ventilated is that ice dams are prevented from forming. An ice dam, a wall of ice that forms on the roof eaves, is caused by snow on the roof that melts due to the heat in the attic. When the melted snow reaches the cooler part of the eaves, it refreezes into ice.

This wall of ice blocks snow from being able to slide off the roof. Because snow is so heavy, the weight of the accumulating snow can cause damage to the structural components in addition to the shingles.

Finally, an adequate ventilation system prevents moisture levels from becoming too high. High moisture levels can result in the insulation and wood components becoming damp. If they do not have the chance to dry out, mold or dry rot can actually start to grow on the wet components. This can lead to expensive repairs and other problems that homeowners would rather not deal with. Such conditions may even affect the health of the home’s occupants. Humidity may show up as frost underneath the roof sheathing or on the tips of the roofing nails.

In some cases, a homeowner may have vents on their roofs, but the ventilation system is still not working correctly. A roofer may be able to complete a basic roof inspection to determine what the problem is. In some cases, it could be that the attic needs soffit vents and a ridge vent to actually get the moist air out. In other instances, the vents could be blocked by furniture, there may be too much insulation, or the attic may not be air sealed.

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