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A truss is an innovative framework and a structural component that functions to provide support. Trusses are typically triangular and rigid, and their unique geometry makes it very difficult for them to bend or break under pressure. Generally, trusses can be seen in bridge and railway construction, but they have many applications.

Not all houses make use of trusses. Although they are far more efficient than rafters at supporting a roof and handling tremendous loads, a truss takes up significant space in the attic. A truss cannot simply be added to a house that is already built. Rather, a truss needs to be included in the initial installation. Furthermore, a truss cannot be modified once it has been installed.

If a new home is being built, it can be a good idea to speak with either a Denver general contractor or a Denver roofing contractor to discuss the possibility of including a truss in the design. They make for striking architecture, and, if a heavy roof like slate is desired, a truss will improve the roof’s ability to withstand the load. Some types of roofing materials are heavier than others and may require more support.

There are many different truss designs, and all of them have their own abilities and limitations. King post and queen post trusses are among the most basic types of trusses, and are popular because of their ability to fit most roofing styles. King posts are somewhat limited because they can only support a span of 30 feet. Although queen posts have the same shape as king posts, the queen post employs an additional tension member in its frame. Because of this, it can support a greater weight than a king post.

The fink truss is another commonly used model of truss. Like the king and queen posts, it is popular because it can accommodate a wide variety of rooflines. The fink truss provides shallower peaks than those of the queen or king post, which means that the roof will be less steep. This can make installation of a roof less hazardous. The fink truss has a similar span to that of a king post, but can be doubled to accommodate a span of over 50 feet.

Although these are some of the most commonly used trusses, there are dozens of varieties used in various house designs. Trusses are used to create an appealing aesthetic while offering a superior degree of support at a significantly reduced price.

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