Types Of Skylights

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Skylights allow the beauty of natural sunlight to enter a home. In addition to adding aesthetic and structural appeal, skylights provide the benefit of reducing reliance on electricity for lighting and heating purposes. Homeowners who are interested in installing a skylight or repairing a current one are encouraged to contact a Denver roofing professional with expertise in this area.

At their most basic, skylights are essentially a window built into the roof of a house. There are many different variations of skylights available on the market today, each with their own purpose. Arguably, the most common style of skylight is the fixed skylight, which is any kind that does not open. The primary purpose of fixed skylights is to allow light to pass into the house for lighting or heating purposes. Fixed skylights themselves come in many different forms, and can include flat, round, polygon, pyramid and dome shapes. There are even tubular fixed skylights that are very small. Their installation is ideal for small bathrooms or closets in which larger skylights are not an option.

Certain skylights, known as ventilating skylights, are designed to open to allow air to pass through.

These types of skylights are recommended for kitchens and bathrooms that experience a high level of humidity. For convenience, ventilating skylights can be operated from the ground by remote. Some more advanced models even include an automatic sensor, which opens and closes at predetermined inside temperatures.

Skylights are comprised of either glass, acrylic or a synthetic material known as Lexan. Each of these materials has unique advantages and disadvantages. Glass skylights are typically more expensive, but are more durable and scratch resistant than the other options. Acrylic skylights are relatively cheap, and can be embedded with impact modifiers that make them extremely durable. Synthetic materials are the easiest to cut into any shape desired. They are also inexpensive and can last a long time.

There are many options to choose from when deciding on a skylight. Homeowners should take into consideration not only the type of skylight and its shape, but also its glazing and its insulation factor. Glass skylights are available with multiple panes of glass. The air trapped between serves as an insulator to keep hot or cold air out of the house. There is a skylight that will work for virtually every room in the house. Homeowners who are interested in exploring skylight options are encouraged to contact a roofing professional.

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