Types Of Tile Roofs

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A sturdy, long lasting roof is an important investment in a home. When setting up a home for the long term, a roof that can last half a century or more saves time and money. Denver roofing companies have the expertise necessary to install and repair any kind of tile roof.

Roof tiles can be made of slate or ceramic, also called terracotta. Terracotta tiles are traditionally colored red orange, but can be made in almost any color. Ceramic tile can also be molded to nearly any design, including historical architecture. Because ceramic tiles are made out of clay, they are easy to recycle and do not leech chemicals into the environment. Clay tile can last 100 years, saving the homeowner money and keeping waste out of landfills.

Clay is an excellent insulator, which helps prevent heat loss through the roof. Ceramic tile can be made reflective, with either lighter color or reflective coating, to prevent sunlight from heating up the house. This stabilizes the temperature inside, allowing the home’s HVAC system to work more efficiently and lower utility bills.

Ceramic tile has been used for thousands of years, and putting tile on the roof provides a connection to historical tradition. Spanish style roofs traditionally use curved tiles.

Ceramic can also be made to look like other material such as wood while providing the durability of tile.

Ceramic tile stands up to any kind of extreme weather. The sun doesn’t wear down tile in the same way it can wear down asphalt shingles. The weight of tile makes it less vulnerable to high winds. Tile is waterproof and does not crack under freezing temperatures.

Slate tile is even more durable and long lasting than ceramic tile. Buildings that are over a hundred years old still have their original slate roofs. Slate has fewer options available in color and style, but slate is nonetheless a beautiful choice for roofing.

Tile roofs don’t come without their disadvantages. Tile roofs, both ceramic and slate, are heavy and need a strong roof to support the weight. Tile is complicated to install and requires a professional contractor for proper installation. Tile doesn’t need much maintenance, but any maintenance it does need will require knowledgeable professionals. The complicated installation and quality of materials make tile roofs one of the most expensive roofing options.

Tile roofs are expensive and may not fit every budget. However, the longevity of a tile roof can pay for itself over time. Tile roofs are also an attractive choice for homeowners concerned about environmental sustainability. The architectural style of a tile roof is another draw for homeowners.

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