Visible Shingle Problems

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It’s common for roofers to visit a home once or twice a year for basic maintenance. Between these appointments, it’s the homeowner’s job to inspect the roof on a regular basis. The roof shouldn’t have any changes to its appearance over time. If you notice any irregularities, trust your instincts. You know what is normal for your roof because you look at it each day. Take a close look at some of the rooftop anomalies that you may see from a ground perspective. When you experience any of the following issues, contacting Littleton roofing professionals is the next logical step.

When your rooftop suffers from curled shingles, their appearance is almost immediate to any passersby. Each shingle usually has two or three tabs, and each tab can display curled edges where they hang down across the rooftop. Because there are hundreds of tabs covering a single rooftop, the curled edges can be numerous and very obvious. Winds, material defects and other factors contribute to curled shingles. These shingles cannot be fixed with an adhesive or other strategy, so they must be replaced.

After a new roof installation settles into the structure, you may notice gaps between the courses or rows.

The underlayment below may be a bright color, which makes the gap even more obvious. In some cases, gaps might appear between adjacent shingles as well. This phenomenon isn’t normal, and it can contribute to leaks into the home. Contact the original installers for an evaluation as soon as possible.

Losing shingles is another common issue that homeowners deal with. When high winds strike a home, the shingles are vulnerable to blow-offs. One shingle or an entire group can be pulled right off of the structure. This scenario can happen immediately after a roof installation because the shingles haven’t properly adhered to the surrounding materials.

Your rooftop should always have a matte and flat appearance, but that’s not the case with buckling. Wrinkled underlayment hidden under the shingles will eventually flex with the changing temperatures. If this happens, your roof will look like rolling hills as the sunlight strikes the materials at various angles. Contractors should fix this issue before rain can seep under the shingles.

Keep a watchful eye on rooftop accessories as well. From the skylight’s frame to pipe collars, each accessory should be flush with the rooftop’s surface. Contractors must fix these areas if they appear warped or dislodged. Protecting the roof from potential leaks is always the goal of any local contractor.

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