Waterproof Roofing

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Particularly in cold or wet climates, a home’s roof can become saturated with moisture. Whether the moisture is due to heavy rains or frequent snowfall, it is best for homeowners to protect their investment by adding a waterproof underlayment to their roof. While the shingles serve as a first line of defense against inclement weather conditions, the right underlayment can further protect the home from extensive damage that can lead to costly repairs. For more information about what type of waterproofing material is best in a particular area, homeowners should contact a Denver roofing professional for advice. A contractor can easily explain how waterproofing can benefit the home.

When a roof is constructed with a layout that consists of valleys, skylights, chimneys or vents, a significant amount of water pooling often takes place after a rainstorm, or when accumulated snow begins to melt. Water can seep under the shingles and begin to spread underneath the outer surface of the roof, causing the decking to become drenched with moisture. This can easily lead to water leaks and extensive roof damage in a very short period.

In fact, this is an issue for so many homeowners that many shingle manufacturers even require the installation of a waterproof underlayment for proper use of their products. Neglecting to install one can void the manufacturer’s warranty in some instances.

One benefit of having a high quality waterproof underlayment is seen during the removal of old roofing material and the subsequent installation of new products. For example, when a waterproof underlayment is present underneath the shingles that are to be removed, the amount of time required for drying before the new roof installation can take place is often greatly reduced. When placed underneath asphalt shingles, the underlayment can also serve to protect the roof from oil and residue that sometimes penetrates into the deck.

While there is more than one type of underlayment to choose from when installing a new roof, homeowners often find that a high quality waterproofing option is the best choice for adequately protecting their investment. Not only will the roof be better equipped to protect the home from unnecessary water leaks, but also the homeowner can rest assured that they are taking the extra steps necessary to ensure that their home is safe regardless of the outdoor weather conditions. Many homeowners find that seeking the guidance of a highly skilled roofer in their area can provide them with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision for their home.

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