When To Hire A Professional Roofer

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The roof is an extremely durable structure that can withstand a high level of pressure and force throughout the year. Unfortunately, many homeowners perform repairs or maintenance themselves when they should call a professional. Homeowners often cause more damage trying to make the repairs themselves, costing them more money than they would have paid a professional to do the job. To ensure that a residential roof is well maintained and has a long life span, most roofing repairs should be performed by Parker roofing professionals.

Routine inspections need to be performed every six months to ensure that a roof is well cared for so that it can last a long time. You should hire professional roofers to carry out these inspections, ensuring that repairs can be quickly completed to prevent further damage. They can also winterize your roof before bad weather arrives. Having professionals perform regular inspections can even reduce the risk of injuries to homeowners who may not be sure-footed when getting on their roofs.

A professional should also be contacted if leaks have developed in the home or attic, which can cause extensive water damage over time.

The roofer will look for sunlight that is coming through the roof boards in the attic or water stains that have developed in certain rooms of the home. A professional will even look for signs of mold to ensure that the property is safe to be lived in. The flashing will also be checked to determine if it needs to be replaced.

Ponding water on the building will also require the assistance of a professional roofing contractor. Roofers will inspect the rain gutters to ensure that they’re clean and are draining water off of the home properly. There may also be a blockage on the drains on flat roofs, causing the moisture to back up. Compressed or saturated roof insulation from a construction project or HVAC equipment that’s damaged the material may also be found, which will cause the insulation to dissolve and degrade quickly, leading to the screws and plates becoming visible on top of the home.

It’s also important to hire a professional roofer if your shingles are loose or have fallen off the building. Clay or asphalt tiles may also crack, which can lead to a lack of adequate protection on the roof. An experienced roofer can inspect the materials and reinstall them if needed to prevent exposure on the roof deck. This will add extra years to a roof’s life span by preventing the materials from blowing off in the middle of a storm.

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