When To Replace A Roof

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Throughout Denver roofing companies are routinely called to handle emergency situations and water leaks. When homeowners delay replacing their roofs in order to save money, they may wind up facing serious infrastructure damage as a result. To get the most service life out of their roofing system, homeowners can become aware of the warning signs of a failing roof.

A failing roof will exhibit several different signs, and some of them may be visible from the ground. This includes black streaks traveling down the slope of the roof. Many people see these and assume that they’re simple stains. The problem is that they’re actually a sign of wear. The black marks indicate that the protective granules are washing off of the asphalt shingles. This can be confirmed by searching the foundation’s landscaping or the gutters. Tiny rocks that resemble gravel or pieces of broken shingles indicate that a roof is nearing the end of its functional life. These protective granules often blow off and lodge in the gutters or downspouts.

Missing shingles are easily seen from the ground, but these don’t always indicate that a roof must be replaced. Shingles can blow off in a storm, and a few missing sheets are easily replaced. However, it’s wise to have the professionals assess the situation.

If a number of the shingles are lifting and on the verge of blowing off, then the roofing system is failing and should be replaced immediately.

Spotting some of the warning signs can mean going up onto the roof. This is best left to the professionals who have the necessary safety gear and who are accustomed to navigating a roof’s pitch, or slope. Once on the roof, people should look at the apron flashing around any chimneys, the valleys and any spaces around protrusions, headwalls or vents. These are the most common areas for leaks because flashing can crack, tar may become brittle and dry up and the crevices may be left exposed. While the professionals can repair any of these problems, it may be advisable to purchase a new roof if the damage is widespread.

It’s advisable to have a home inspected regularly so that problems can be caught and addressed early. However, a roof that’s more than 20 years old should be inspected annually to ensure that it’s still watertight. Keeping an eye on the roof only takes a few minutes, but it’s a simple action that can help homeowners avoid the devastation of water damage.

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