Why Inspect A Roof After Hailstorms

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Like other natural disasters, hailstorms can damage the roof and other structures of the house. However, the damage caused by the hail is not always apparent to homeowners. An experienced Denver roofing company is needed to inspect the roof to accurately assess the state of the roof after a hailstorm.

If the homeowner has a roofing manufacturer’s warranty, it can be voided by hail damage, which is one of many reasons it is necessary to inspect a roof after a hailstorm. Rather than risk having a 50 year warranty become void, it is better to immediately evaluate the roof and fix any issues that arise before passing time transforms them into more expensive problems.

Many homeowners only look for indentations or obvious signs of roof damage after a hailstorm, but not all effects of hail are visually clear right after the storm. A roofer, however, is trained to spot damage even when there are no evident visual clues.

Another mistake that homeowners make is foregoing an insurance claim to prevent rates from increasing. Insurance companies have the power to heighten everyone’s rates after a natural disaster. Therefore, it is futile to forego an insurance claim for that reason.

Roofing manufacturers only cover issues they have control over in their warranties.

Mother Nature is out of the roofing manufacturer’s control, so roofing warranties usually don’t cover damages caused by natural disasters. Some homeowners with a new roof fail to file an insurance claim because of the manufacturer’s 50 year warranty. This is a mistake because warranties typically do not protect against natural disasters.

A home’s resale value is affected by hail damage as well regardless of whether or not the damage is visually evident. Potential buyers usually hire home inspectors to assess the property before buying it. Naturally, they want to get a good deal on the new home they buy rather than overpay for it or be faced with unexpected repairs.

Hail can weaken a roof but not display any obvious repercussions until one to two years later. Homeowners should pay more attention to their roofing systems after a hailstorm and call a roofing professional if they suspect the roof has been damaged.

There is no reason to hold off on the inspection or repairs. It is more beneficial for homeowners to handle damages immediately to save money in the long run, preserve their home’s resale value and hold onto their roof warranty.

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