Why Install Solar Panels

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With the cost of energy and the interest in renewable energy sources rising nationwide, solar panel installation has become an increasingly attractive option for many homeowners. Though the initial costs can be expensive, solar energy can net some extensive savings and eventually offset the installation cost completely. However, installing solar panels is a highly involved process that should not be attempted without professional help. Homeowners considering solar panels can contact a qualified Denver roofing expert to discuss the project.

Solar panels are much more advanced and effective today than they were twenty years ago. Not only do solar panels decrease the carbon footprint of a home, they will dramatically reduce the cost of powering a household. Furthermore, there are a number of financial incentives that can make switching to solar energy even more affordable. Of particular note, homeowners who adopt solar energy will be eligible for a 30 percent federal solar Investment Tax Credit.

Solar panels work by trapping sunlight into specially designed cells that are able to transfer the sunlight into energy through a process similar to photosynthesis. That energy is then sent to an inverter, which converts it into the necessary electrical frequencies required to power a home.

After signing a contract, a building permit is required before installation of the solar panels can begin, so there is often a significant wait period before the solar panels can be installed.

A good degree of planning will also be involved. Professionals will need to inspect the roof to determine when the most sunlight is hitting the roof. This step is an important part in determining where and at what angle to install the solar panels.

There is also the matter of how many solar panels are required, which depends heavily on the energy requirements of the household. Multiplying the number of kilowatt hours used in a day by .25 will determine the size of system required to power the house. However, the number of panels required depends on a number of other factors, including the energy output that each panel is capable of producing and insolation, the number of peak hours the panels will receive sunlight. More expensive panels will have a greater output than those that are more affordable.

There is a lot of information, planning and labor required to install solar panels. The installation process is very technical, and additional wiring may need to be installed later to ensure the system is producing the electricity it should. Because of these factors, solar panels should not be installed by inexperienced homeowners.

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