Winter Roofing Damage

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In some areas of the country, roof damage during the cold and sometimes unforgiving winter months can be common. There are several reasons for this, including the weight of the ice and snow that accumulates on a home’s roof. This can damage the structural integrity of the roof and cause interior leakage. Shingles can also go missing or become displaced during the winter season. Shingles can also lose their granules in the water run off.

Although some homeowners find it hard to believe, water leaks from ice and snow can be caused by interior heat within the home. When ice melts, the water can become trapped, which in turn, creates an ice dam on the roof, as well as in the gutters and downspouts. Naturally, water will take the path of least resistance, which in this scenario, unfortunately, means under the roof system or sideways through flashings. Neither the flashings nor underlayment of the roof were designed to handle such moisture, making it likely that there will be water damage, according to most Denver roofing professionals.

While it may make sense to some homeowners, trying to remove excessive snow or ice from the roof with a shovel, or attempting to prevent it with rock salt or calcium chloride will damage the shingles, and likely void the warranty. It is not recommended that homeowners take matters into their own hands when it comes to snow and ice on their roofs, not to mention that it can be a dangerous move for homeowners to make.

Gutters should be cleaned on a regular basis to help prevent any build up or ice blockage. It is virtually impossible for homeowners to remove ice located in gutters and downspouts without causing some kind of roof or other damage or hurting themselves. In some homes, the gutters can be removed to help prevent ice damage to the roof.

Another problem that can be caused by the colder weather elements is frozen water on the roof systems. Water that is trapped can accumulate to high levels, higher than the flashings, which cause water leaks in the roof. In order to correct this problem, drains will need to be physically opened to allow the water to flow through.

Homeowners who have noticed leaks or other problems with their roofing system during the winter months or just after should contact a reputable roofing expert in their area. The sooner the problems are addressed, the less expense and damage there will be.

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