Wood Shakes

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Wood shakes were once the roofing product of choice for people across the nation. While asphalt shingles have largely replaced wood options, there are still homeowners who simply prefer the traditional look of wood shakes. Many Denver roofing companies offer this service, so homeowners have the option of benefiting from the durability and attractiveness of wood materials. Before making this decision, people should learn more about the pros and cons of installing wood shakes.

Wood shakes have a historic, slightly rustic look to them. No two shingles are exactly the same, so the roof will have a more dimensional and varied aesthetic. While some manufacturers have gotten close, it’s hard to recreate the natural beauty of wood shingles with synthetic materials.

It’s important to note that mildew, mold and algae are more likely to take hold with wood shingles. This is more of a concern on roofs that have a narrow pitch because water may not drain away quite as quickly. Homeowners can also minimize the problem by taking a little time each year to clean the roof and hose it off.

When it comes to cleaning the roof, wood shingles outperform asphalt.

Homeowners must use care when cleaning regular shingles because of the danger of stripping away the protective granules. With wood, homeowners just have to ensure that their water pressure is low enough to avoid cracking the shingles. This makes cleaning the roof faster and easier.

An asphalt roof won’t add to the overall R value, but wood will actually help insulate the home. This is why people who are looking for eco friendly solutions go with wood shakes. However, this benefit does come with a small price tag. People can expect to pay more for wood shakes per square than they pay for asphalt, but the extra fees may prove to be worth it over the years because wood shake roofs are easier to repair.

Most roofers have made the switch to asphalt, but there are still contractors in the area who know how to install wood shakes. If the homeowner wants a truly unique look along with a durable material, then wood materials are a good option. They can last for decades, and they’re easy to clean and care for. Before choosing with a man made material that can only mimic the beauty of wood shakes, learn more about this roofing option and see how it can enhance the home’s design features.

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